Marble Floors

Most people think of marble flooring as a solid rock with a lustrous glow and beautiful patterns. But marble, like with other natural stone flooring, is not a solid rock. It is actually made up of very tiny crystals. It is these crystals that reflect the light and make the colors of marble which we love so much. Unfortunately, those very crystals are also what cause marble to look dull or faded. They easily get scratched or damaged. Dirt can sink in the miniscule cracks between the crystals. Over time, the once-beautiful marble floor begins to look old and dingy. This doesn’t mean that your marble floor is ruined. It just means that it is time for professional cleaning.

Steamway Carpet Cleaning Highlands Ranch doesn’t just clean carpets. Our technicians are IICRC Certified experts in cleaning stone flooring, including marble floors. With affordable prices and excellent customer service, there is no reason your home shouldn’t be as clean as it possible can be!

What You Need to Know about Marble Floor Cleaning
There is no shortage of information about how to clean marble floors online. However, there is also no shortage of misinformation. Homeowners often set about cleaning their marble floors with the best intentions, but without realizing that their methods may be doing more harm than good.

It is very important that you regularly sweep up dirt and debris from the marble floor. This debris not only can sink into the pores of the marble, but can wear down the marble crystals and make it look dull. However, virtually no cleaning agent is capable of getting dirt out of marble flooring! The only way to get dirt out of marble or other stone floors is to SCRUB. It is the scrubbing action which agitates the dirt to the surface so it can be removed. You’d have to put a lot of muscle into your floor before you could get it really clean!

Chemicals and detergents for cleaning marble floors will NOT get dirt out of the pores of the stone. They only help loosen dirt off of the surface. This is why you are probably so disappointed with the results after mopping your floor. To make your marble floor really shine, you’ve got to get the dirt out from deep within. Unless you are prepared to spend hours scrubbing the floor by hand, then you will want a professional to come over with a rotary machine.

You Need to Sharpen the Crystals
The terms “marble floor cleaning” and “marble floor polishing” are often used interchangeable, but they are actually very different things. Cleaning refers to getting the dirt out of the marble pores. At Steamway, we do this with our rotary extraction machines. Cleaning will help restore the color to your marble floor. However, cleaning will not make the floor glow.

The reason that marble floors lose their glow is because the marble crystas get damaged. To make your marble floor truly shine again, you’ve got to sharpen the crystals. This is done with a polishing machine. At Steamway, we don’t trick you into thinking your floor is shining by applying waxes or polishes. Our methods smooth out scratches and damages to the marble so it really shines and its natural beauty can show through.

Honest, Affordable Services
Our goal isn’t to provide you with one-time services. We want you to be our customer for life! To do this, we know that we have to provide the best quality services, always act friendly and courteous, and charge fair rates without any hidden fees. We are happy to say that we can already call hundreds of Highland Ranch residents and business owners our regular customers. They keep coming back because they know they can trust us with their marble floors.

Learn how we can get your marble floors looking their best. Call us today for a free estimate on marble floor cleaning services.
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