Rug and Upholstery cleaning

Chances are that your rugs and upholstery don’t look nearly as good as they did when you first bought them. After just a few months of continual use, large amounts of dirt can collect in their fibers. The dirt – which includes body oils, dander, and allergens – can dull colors and cause musty smells. Don’t worry! Your rugs and upholstery can be restored to their original splendor with professional cleaning.

Highland Ranch Rug Cleaning
At Carpet Cleaning Pro Highland Ranch, we are equipped with some of the best rug cleaning equipment available. If you have an industrial rug, we may be able to clean it at your home with the same methods we use for carpet cleaning, such as spot treatment followed by steam or hot water extraction. However, we generally will take rugs back to our Highland Ranch facilities for cleaning. This is almost always the case for woven rugs like Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, or Navajo rugs.

How We Clean Rugs
At your home, our technicians will first assess your rug. They make sure to show you any stains or damaged areas and explain what the end result will be. After moving any furniture off of the rug for you, the technicians will roll up the rug and take it back to our shop.

Back at the shop, the rug will be inspected in further detail. Then it is cleaned with a mechanical duster. This unique machine does an amazing job of gently beating solid debris (including microscopic particles) out of your rug. The debris is sucked up by a powerful vacuum. At this point, your rug is already much cleaner and free of most allergens.

Next, your rug will be cleaned on both sides with a choice of non-toxic cleaning chemicals. It is rinsed before going to the next step. It will be put through our MOR rug cleaning machine. The machine uses misters to lather detergents into foam. The foam loosens up dirt remaining in your rug (including tough stains like from oil). Then sprayers rinse out the foam and dirt. Then the MOR machine squeezes out water so drying time is reduced. We always put the rug through the MOR machine at least twice to ensure your rug is as clean as it can be.

One of the most important aspects of rug cleaning is drying the rug. If the rug is dried in the wrong conditions, the dyes can bleed or the rug can shrink. We prevent this by drying all rugs in a special room where the temperature and humidity is controlled. Finally, we will wrap your rug in plastic and deliver it to you. Rug pickup and delivery is always gratis!

Highland Ranch Upholstery Cleaning
Of all of the surfaces in your home, upholstery is one of the most difficult to get clean. The problem is twofold. First, there is the fact that your upholstery is exposed to a lot of grime. Each time you sit on your furniture, it leaves a thin layer of skin particles and oils. These are sticky and can’t be removed by a standard vacuum. Other types of dirt will also stick to the skin oils, causing your upholstery to become discolored and unsanitary. Secondly, there is the issue of cushions. For all of the grime you see on your upholstery, there is much more lurking beneath the surface in the cushions. You might be able to scrub away the visible dirt, but more will just come to the surface each time you sit down.

To get your upholstery truly clean, you will need professional cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Pro Highland Ranch will come to your home equipped with a professional extraction machine. It uses hot water or steam to loosen any debris (including those troublesome oils) from the upholstery and cushioning fibers. The dirt and water are then suctioned into the canister. We pre-treat any stains on your upholstery beforehand to ensure they fully broken down before extraction.

In some cases, upholstery cannot be cleaned with hot water extraction. For example, leather upholstery would warp if cleaned with heat. So, we always clean leather upholstery by hand. With other types of upholstery, we might use methods like deep shampooing or sanitation.

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Pro?
No matter what type of rug or upholstery you have, you can count on Carpet Cleaning Pro Highland Ranch to get them clean. Here are just some of the reasons you will be happy you chose us:
• Only non-toxic, child and pet-friendly products used
• Certified by IICRC
• Courteous technicians
• Weekend and evening appointments available
• 100% satisfaction guarantee

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